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New Service: Search across Marine Research Institutions

Mail-Archive - 2000/03/14

    Dear Colleague,
    we would be very glad for your kind cooperation in testing the
    new service of a search engine across Marine Research Institutions
    You will find MareInst at
       http://www.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/EPS/PhysNet/mare.html  .
    Currently you can search across more than 200 listed institutions in
    Marine and Earth Science ordered by country and town with a search
    depth of 2 (up to 2 mouse clicks away from the listed links).
    To increase the search depth and improve the search-results for your
    institute please consider running a HARVEST based gatherer on your
    home machine and contact us for more information as well as for
    integration into this network.
    Please let us know which institutes are still missing in our list of
    links, and what your comments are. In case that you think it
    worthwhile we would be glad if you set a link from your institution's
    homepage and inform your colleagues and other interested people
    about MareInst.
    MareInst came into being in cooperation with the Alfred Wegener
    Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and is now part of
    PhysNet, the worldwide Physics Departments and Documents Network.
    The aim of MareInst is to become a Web-Service like PhysNet.
    Feel free to send us an email(harvest@harvest.physik.uni-oldenburg.de)
    or contact us via the PhysNet-Uploadform
    if you have any comments or questions or you know further sites,
    which should be listed in MareInst.
    This mail was posted via several mailing lists as well.
    We regret if you got it more than once.
    We are sorry if we addressed this email also to some
    people not beeing interested in Marine Science.
    Please contact us in case you want to be removed from this email-list.
    Best Regards
    your PhysNet-Crew: Thomas, Michael and Ebs
    Responsible for the search-engine:
            Thomas Severiens (severien@uni-oldenburg.de)
    Responsible for the link system:
            Michael Hohlfeld (hohlfeld@uni-oldenburg.de)
    Parts of the earlier work by Oliver Muelken.
    How to contact us ?
    By Email:
    By SnailMail:
      Universitšt Oldenburg
      Fachbereich Physik
      Prof. Dr. Eberhard R. Hilf
      D-26111 Oldenburg
    By Phone:
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