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Mail-Archive - 2000/02/24

    Dear Colleague,
    welcome to PhysNet, the world-wide Physics Departments and Documents Network.
    PhysNet offers a set of lists of links to nearly all Physics Institutions
    world-wide ordered by country and town. Additionally one can search on the Web
    through the local Physics Institutions for locally stored documents.
    You will find PhysNet at
    http://www.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/EPS/PhysNet/  .
    PhysNet now offers some new services to the physicists community.
    * Since summer of 1999 PhysNet offers a list of Physics-related Journals, which
    are freely available (= free fulltext) on the net as well as a list of the
    Journals of the Journal Recognition Scheme of EPS.
    * With our new Conferences-Site we provide a list of servers with
    Conference-Lists, Workshops and Summer Schools on different fields of Physics.
    * PhysNet now offers a list of all Scientific Institutes of the German
    Max Planck Society and a harvest-based search facility to search across the
    servers of these institutes.
    * PhysJob offers a link-list to various physics related job sites on the web.
    This list is ordered by different topics, e.g by country or field of research.
    A search-facility to search for information on these sites is implemented, too.
    * PhysicsFAQ is a service just now beeing started. This FAQ on General Physics
    aims to answer questions in a way, understandable for
    Non-Physicists. Anyone can ask - Several senior researchers will try to answer.
    * On the Education-site PhysNet provides link-lists with online
    educational resources for physics. The structure of the site allows you
    to choose the resource by the type of information required (for example
    Lecture Notes, Seminar Talks, Visualization and Demonstration Applets).
    This Service is just spinning up!
    We know that many of our lists are surely incomplete. We try to keep
    these lists up to date, but an unannounced change of URLs occurs all
    too often.
    We are always searching for people to maintain the national link-lists.
    Please contact us, if you are interested to join the virtual PhysNet
    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or you know further
    sites, which should be listed in PhysNet, feel free to send us an
    email ( harvest@harvest.physik.uni-oldenburg.de ) or contact us via the
    Uploadform ( http://www.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/EPS/PhysNet/upload.html ).
    For more detailed Information about PhysNet have a look at our site.
    We would be very glad if you add a link to the PhysNet site 
    ( http://www.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/EPS/PhysNet/ ) on your department's
    homepage and if you inform your colleagues and other interested people about
    This mail was posted via several mailing lists. We regret if you got it
    more then once. We are sorry if we addressed this email also to people not
    beeing interested in Physics or Physics Istitutions Websites.
    If you prefer to read HTML, this Email can also be read at
    Best Regards, 
    your PhysNet-Crew: Thomas, Michael and Ebs
    International Societies:
    National Societies:
    AIP (Australia),
    DPG (Germany),
    National Committee for Physics of the Royal Irish Academy,
    Irish branch of the Institute of Physics,
    About 30 Institutions joined with installing their own gatherer by now.
    In charge for the EPS: Eberhard R. Hilf.
    Responsible for the service and search-engines: Thomas Severiens
    Responsible for the link system: Michael Hohlfeld
    Regional Subsystems are integrated, maintained under their own
    Ireland: Sara McMurry (Trinity  College Dublin, Department of Physics)
    Denmark:   Ole H. Nielsen (Center for atomic-scale materials physics)
    Australia, New-Zealand and Oceania: Pal Fekete (Australia)
    Korea: Wonsuhk Uhm (Korea)
    Hungary: Kati Szalay (KFKI, Hungary)
    Russia:  L. Shchur (Moscow, Russia) [upcoming soon]
    India: S. Ranjan (India) [upcoming soon]
    Add-on Services:
    Scitalk:  by E. Canessa (ICTP, Trieste, Italy) [in progress]
    Mirror-broker: C. Chegireddy (Miami, USA) [in progress]
    German Max Planck Institutes: Thomas Scheidsteger (Germany)
    Parts of the earlier work by Heinrich Stamerjohanns, Ilona Rujan, Olaf
    Bieker, Stefan Migowsky and Cord Walter.
    How to contact us?
    By Email:
    By SnailMail:
     Universitšt Oldenburg
     Fachbereich Physik
     Prof. Dr. Eberhard R. Hilf
     D-26111 Oldenburg
    By Phone:
    By Fax:

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