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Links on other available Services on Physics and related Fields

Here you could find links to other Resources of Physics Information on the Web and Services of related Fields and Disciplines.


Physics Communities

    UniPHY is a literature-based professional social networking site for physical scientists.

    getCITED is an online, member-controlled academic database, directory and discussion forum.

Other Physics related Web-Services

    The arXiv.org e-Print archive (formerly xxx.lanl.gov) is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers. Covered areas include physics and related disciplines, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics, and neuroscience. A Service of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy.

    The Amercian Physical Society offers a collection of physics-related links (Labs, E-prints, Publications, Scientific Societies, Scientific Reference Sites and more).

    Global information and news for physicists are found on PhysicsWeb, an Internet service of the Institute of Physics (IOP). Also contains selected articles from Physics World magazine.

    TIPTOP- The Internet Pilot to Physics another service of the Institute of Physics (IOP) offers a comprehensive index to on-line physics resources.

    PhysOrg.com - The latest physics and technology news

    PhysLINK.com provides comprehensive research and educations tools for physicists.

    PSIgate (Physical Sciences Information Gateway) aims to provide access to high quality Internet-based resources in the physical sciences: astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, science history and policy, and aspects of the material sciences.

    Physics-related information categorised by subjects are found at the Virtual Library of Physics.

    A collection of more or less useful links at the University Library at Braunschweig: Informationsquellen für das Fachgebiet Physik

    The German IuK Initiative on Information and Communication of the Learned Societies offers Entry Points in Physics

    PEERS - Physics Encyclopedia of E-mail Records: A free and moderated global e-mail directory of people working in science, offered by IoP.

    ISP Knowledge Portal - ISP Knowledge Portal (International School of Photonics at Cochin University of Science and Technology) contains extensive lists of links to various resources that may be useful to people working in photonics and related fields.

    PAM: Collection of physics-related links by the "Special Libraries Association".

    Lila Kaffee — das Geheimnis des Inka-Labors: A link just to support a SEO class in our partner university.

    The main aim of BAPHYS is to develop a distributed Network of the knowledge Bases for a Research of fundamental Properties of the Matter and applied nuclear Physics.

    The ADS Physics and Geophysics Query Form provides access to about 275,000 engineering and astronautical abstracts since 1975. Users can submit queries by author, keywords, date range, words in the title, and words in the abstract text.

    SPIRES-HEP contains over 400,000 records of high-energy physics related preprints, journal articles, reports, conference papers and theses from 1974 to the present. The SPIRES-HEP collaboration is a joint project between the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) Library and the German Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY) Library with significant assistance from the Japanese High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and the Japanese Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University.

    The Helical Structures Forum (HSF) is an international club with objectives of discussion and promoting of advanced scientific knowledge about the physical structures in the nature from micro to macro scale. HSF endorses a new approach for study of natural phenomena in which the principles of real objectivity, causality and logical understanding are highly observed.

    The OPTICS.NET website is dedicated to promoting and advancing science, technology and business opportunities for the optics and photonics community.

    OpticsNotes.com is designed for engineers, scientists, technicians, students, and the inquisitive to quickly find resources, references, and tutorial information available about Optics and Photonics on the Web.

    Nobel e-Museum offers information on all prize winners to date (including detailed background information), the Nobel Organization, Alfred Nobel, and Nobel events, as well as educational material. Nobel e-Museum consists of more than 9,000 static documents, several databases and a number of multimedia productions with Nobel Prize connection.

    PHANTOMS Foundation - European Nanotechnology Network

Web-Services of other Disciplines



    BioFinder: Zentrale für biowissenschaftliche Information im Internet. BioFinder is the successor of "Web Starting Points for Biologists".

    Biocrawler.com : Life Science Information System by BioFacts.


ChemWeb the World Wide Club for the Chemical Community offers e.g. searchable chemistry journals and databases, jobs, software and products, and details of conferences. Free Membership.

Entry Points in Chemistry

Combinatorial Chemistry Review provides a basic introduction to the field of combinatorial chemistry describing the development of major techniques and some applications.



    RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is a collaborative effort of over 100 volunteers in 30 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The heart of the project is a decentralized database of working papers, journal articles and software components. Any institution is welcome to join in contributing its research materials. All RePEc material is freely available.


    MathNet is an Internet Information Service for Mathematicians (information about publications, software and data collections, teaching and research activities, but also organizational and bibliographical information) supported by the German Academic Network Organisation (Deutsches Forschungsnetz - DFN) and Deutsche Telekom.

    EMIS is the European Mathematical Information Service offered by the European Mathematical Society (EMS).

    Eric Weisstein's world of Mathematics is a free online encyclopaedia for the mathematical community provided by Wolfram Research, Makers of Mathematica.

Further Disciplines

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