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Czech Physics Departments

Please scroll down to browse through the list of Physics Institutions in the Czech Republic or use the search engine to search for information on WWW-Servers of the listed Institutions.

Info Czech Physical Society (CFS)
Info Czechoslovak Association for Crystal Growth (CSACG) [Czech]

Info Masaryk University
Info Faculty of Science, Physics
Info Department of Physical Electronics
Info Department of Solid State Physics
Info Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Info General Physics
Info Technical University of Brno
Info Department of Physics

Info Technical University of Liberec
Info Department of Physics

Info Silesian University
Info Institute of Physics

Info University of Ostrava
Info Katedra Fyzické Geografie a Geoekologie
Info Katedra Fyziky

Info University of Pardubice
Info Department of Physics

Plzen / Pilsen
Info University of West Bohemia
Info Faculty of Applied Sciences
Info Katedra Fyziky

Praha / Prague
Info Academy of Sciences
Info Astronomical Institute
Info Geophysical Institute
Info Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Info Institute of Biophysics
Info Institute of Computer Science
Info Institute of Electrical Engineering
Info Institute of Hydrodynamics
Info Institute of Physics
Info Institute of Physics of Materials
Info Institute of Plasma Physics
Info Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Info Institute of Thermomechanics
Info Nuclear Physics Institute
Info Charles University
Info Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Info Astronomical Institute
Info Department of Chemical Physics and Optics
Info Optical Spectroscopy Group
Info Optothermal Spectroscopy Group
Info Quantum Optics and Optoelectronics Group
Info Quantum and Nonlinear Physics Group
Info Department of Electronics and Vacuum Physics
Info Space Physics Group
Info Department of Geophysics
Info Department of Macromolecular Physics
Info Department of Physics of Materials
Info Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics
Info Institute of Physics
Info  Division of Magnetooptics
Info Division of Biomolecular Physics
Info Division of Biophysics
Info Division of Semiconductors and Semiconductor Optoelectronics [Czech]
Info Theoretical Division
Info Institute of Theoretical Physics
Info Czech Technical University in Prague
Info Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Info Department of Physics
Info Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics
Info J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry
Info Department of Biophysical Chemistry

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