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Co-operation Agreement on Electronic Information and Communication Systems

between the

International Mathematical Union (IMU)

and the

European Physical Society (EPS)


    The scientific communities in Mathematics and Physics through the IMU and the EPS have started activities in the field of electronic information and communication to enhance the free flow of information in their scientific fields.

    Math-Net is an information and communication system in Mathematics under the aegis of the IMU and is steered by the IMU Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC).

    PhysNet is an information and communication system in Physics under the aegis of the EPS and is steered by the EPS Action Committee for Publication and Scientific Communication (ACPuSC).

    Both Math-Net and PhysNet have the aim to coherently synchronize all world-wide high quality information in Mathematics and Physics.

    Interdisciplinary services, joint standards, and technical solutions are necessary to assure a user-friendly access to the information and communication in both fields.

    The IMU and the EPS intend to intensify and to co-ordinate their efforts in the field of electronic information and communication.

    Therefore the parties now agree as follows:

Article 1 Purpose of the Agreement

    The agreement defines a base for content and form for co-operation between the Math-Net and PhysNet initiatives. The previous co-operation between developer groups of Math-Net and PhysNet will be formalised and continued by this agreement.

Article 2 - Aims of co-operation

    The co-operation has the aim to develop

    • joint concepts, methods and standards for information systems in Mathematics and Physics,
    • homogeneous structures for information (especially uniform metadata models for the description and content analysis for various kinds of documents),
    • tools for the management, the indexing and the processing of information,
    • interoperable services,
    • user-friendly retrieval functions,
    • an interdisciplinary linking of the relevant resources in Mathematics and Physics,
    • a close co-operation of the Math-Net and PhysNet activities on a local level,
    • a close and formal collaboration and representation in international committees and bodies such as W3C, DC:Research, OAI.

Article 3 - Common Task Force

    The CEIC and the ACPuSC will create a common task force, comprised of members from their committees and the Math-Net and PhysNet Technical Groups.

    The task force will, among others, define work packages and prepare drafts for standards and recommendations to both societies.

    Proposals by the task force must be approved by the CEIC and the ACPuSC, prior to submission for final approval to the IMU and the EPS.

    CEIC and ACPuSC will implement the approved proposals in a convenient form.

Article 4 - Work package 2000

    The CEIC and the ACPuSC have agreed upon the following work package for 2000 for the joint report to the next sessions of CEIC and ACPuSC:

    • proposal for a detailed set of Metadata for Dissertations/Theses in accordance with the agreement at DC7.
    • same for scientific documents in agreement with DC:Research
    • same for professional personal information (home pages)
    • same for professional information of Departments/Institutions (home pages)
    • interoperable tools for implementing the above sets of metadata and for accessing them.
    Evaluation of synergies and homogenisation of Math-Net and PhysNet:
    • analysis of both services
    • proposal for linking and adaptation
    • proposal for further development where joint efforts are necessary.
    Mutual representation in international technical committees:
    • OAI
    • DC:Research
    • W3C
Article 5 Developments

    The IMU and the EPS agree that all developments such as software, systems, networks etc. resulting from the collaboration can be freely used by either party, even after the termination of this agreement.

    The IMU and the EPS will independently explore funding ways for their part of the work.

Article 6 - Coming into Force, Term and Termination

    This Agreement shall come into force upon signature by the authorized representatives of the IMU and the EPS. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Either party may terminate the Agreement on 3 months written notice.

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