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How to Contribute PhysNet ?


How to improve Search-Results ?

    The best way to improve search-results of your own sites and documents is to install your own Harvest Broker.

    A manual on the installation of Harvest is available on the server of the SINN project.

    You should additionally qualify your documents by adding metadata according the Dublin-Core standard (e.g. by using MyMetaMaker).

How to complete the link-lists ?

    You miss your institution or a related service in the link-lists? Just use the Uploadform to send us the URL.

    Many link-lists are surely incomplete. We are always searching for people to maintain the national link-lists and help us in keeping the list uptodate!.

    If you want to maintain link-lists for your region or country, just contact us.

How to speed up access to PhysNet sites ?

How to contact us ? (Impressum nach TDG)

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