Information on Professional Homepages for Persons

Professional Homepage Maker is the first distributed database on Personal Information of Physicists.

Most Physicists have their own web-homepage, containing information on their FIELDS OF INTEREST, on their PUBLICATIONS and ofcourse on how to get in CONTACT. All these information are coded in human readable HTML without any common basis on syntax or semantics.

The goal of 'Professional Homepage Maker' is to professionalize the personal homepages, by adding Meta-Tags into the HTML-Code (which is invisble for ordinary HTML-Browsers). These Meta-Data uses the semantics of Dublin-Core (DC is RFC 2413) and of v-Card (RFC 2424 and 2426). This common semantics of the personal professionalized homepage allows to search for these personal information on the web in a professional way!

'Professional Homepage' contains of two tools: The 'Homepage Professionalizer' and the search-engine.

The HOMEPAGE PROFESSIONALIZER allows to professionalize existing homepages or to build new homepages. The form-interface loads down a given web-page (your homepage) and adds the typed in information as invisible Meta-Data. The resulting webpage (your professionalized homepage) should be saved by the browsers "File-SaveAs" funcionality to replace the former homepage.

'Professional Homepage' does not log any of the typed in information, besides the URL of your Homepage. We do not start up a big centralized database on personal information! All your personal information is saved only on your personal homepage (idea of a fully distributed database).

To SEARCH over all the professionalized homepages, 'Professional Homepage' offers a SEARCH-ENGINE. This engine scans once a week all the known URLs of professional homepages and reads the information into a central cache-buffer. If a page is not accessable for more then one week (or even contains no Meta-Data anymore) the URL will the deleted from the caching system. This method quarantees, that the homepage-owner has full controll over all the data describing her/him.