Partners by August 2000

In 2000, EPS and IMU (International Mathematical Union) have both signed a Co-operation Agreement as a first step to co-operation with other professional fields.

In 2000, the following partners are supporting PhysNet:

* International Physics Organizations: EPS European Physical Society

* IandC committees CIC: Action Committee for Publication and Scientific Communication ACPuC of EPS.

* Technical Advisory Board TAB : Institute of Science Networking Oldenburg

* IM: all individual physicists and institutions, which offer information using metadata according to the international standards and entering their information into PhysNet.

* SP:

* SOC:

PhysNet is overseen by the EPS (European Physical Society) and controlled by its Action Committee of Publication and Scientific Communication (ACPuC). The technical development and standards are co-ordinated by the Institute of Science Networking Oldenburg, the primary of the worldwide distributed set of mirrors is maintained at EPS headquarters.