How to participate in the 1st International PhysNet Award 2003?

Poster of PhysNet Award 2003
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(DIN A2 - pdf - 3.4 MB)
What will Physics Online Services offer in 2005?
Write out an abstract on what you think international online services for physics could be like in the year 2005. Fell free to be creative and innovative on the basis of content and design independent of any technical boarders.

Who can participate?
Every student and PhD student in the field of physics and its related fields.

How to participate?
Just write an abstract of three pages maximum and send it via mail or email to the given address.

What are the prizes?
First prize is an intership at the PhysNet team in Oldenburg. Further prizes are several valuable books.

Who will examine the entries?
The EPS Action Committee for Publication and Scientific Communication (ACPuSC) named the international scientific board of this award.

How to get a printout of the poster?
To get a printout of the poster (for the pin board of your institution), just send an email to Please, don't forget to give your address and the number of printouts needed.

Entries should be sent to the Oldenburg group by March 15th 2003


Send your entry to the following address:

PhysNet Award 2003
Institute for Science Networking Oldenburg GmbH
Ammerländer Heerstraße 121
26129 Oldenburg